Public Works Trailer Axles
in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

We develop new dump truck and flatbed axles production technologies to allow us to meet the specific needs of the market, such as forestry, winemaking or even industrial sectors. Located between Lyon and Clermont-Ferrand in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, we are attentive in our approach to offer you solutions targeted for your clients’ needs.

In our development strategy, we focus our research department and workshop’ work on ease of use, reliability and customer service. Close to each one of our clients, we position ourselves as lasting partners and will be by your side reliably for each of your projects.

Entrust us with your specifications, we implement them all to offer you efficient solutions at every step and at every level with our range of axles, suspensions and tandems. Our completely personalised and tailored approach is an asset in your quality procedure.


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Essieux de remorque forestière

Forestry Trailer Axles

For your specific forestry trailer axle needs, we have developed a range of solutions perfectly suited to the transport and unloading of heavy loads. We invite you to ask us for a review of your request.

Winemaking Trailer
and Harvest Wagon Axles

In the winemaking sector, we are also present with an offer of winemaking trailer and harvest wagon axles. Mindful to make a difference for your clients, we review your needs with the utmost care and give you targeted responses.

Essieux de remorque viticole et bennes à vendange
Essieux de remorque de travaux publics

Public Works Trailer Axles

In the field of public works, we take care to offer you robust solutions for heavy loads that are also efficient on difficult to access or bumpy terrains. Our public works trailer axles are tested to last and bring great ease of use to the user.

Airport Trailer Axles

In our research, we place the end user at the centre of our processes in order to bring true added value to your commercial offer. Distinguished by the quality of our solutions and their ease of use, we anticipate the market’s demands for airport trailer axles in a decidedly technical offer.

Essieux de remorque aéroportuaire
Essieux de remorque pour espaces verts

Green Space Trailer Axles

For work in green spaces, wagons and trailers must be able to move and be manoeuvred easily. Our green space trailer axles are presented to you this way in order for you to propose to your clients an offer focused on their needs.